Oh for the love of….   16 year old pop phenom Justin Bieber was asked some very inappropriate questions for a Rolling Stone magazine interview.  He answered them.  Now there’s all sorts of fury in the US over his answers. 

The pop singer was asked about politics and abortion.   Nevermind that no one cares what a 16 year old thinks about these things.  Unless they’re freakishly well-informed, their opinions are like moos from a cow!   There are exceptional teens who have brilliant thoughts on important issues but both of them were apparently busy so Bieber was queried instead.

In response to the abortion question Bieber replied, I don’t believe in it.  Isn’t it like killing a baby?  The broads on The View, members of Planned Parenthood and all sorts of other groups and talking heads have come out swinging as if this was the most offensive thing ever.  How about debating whether it’s appropriate for an adult interviewer to press a teen to respond to such sophisticated questioning??

On politics, Bieber admitted to knowing little except to say “whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad.”

Some parenting experts say this line of questioning is appropriate because it will get the ball rolling for Bieber’s millions of fans to discuss his opinions and develop their own points of view.  I disagree.  I think it’s a lesson for his teen fans to remember to shut up, listen and learn before blabbing about things which they know nothing.  If Justin were a little older and more experienced he might have had the wits to say, you know what?  I really don’t know much about the issue and I’d like to give a fully informed answer.  Let me get back to you.

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