My Last Post on Sepsis (I Hope!)

Ivy comes off today.  It’s funny.  I have mixed feelings about it.  You’d think I’d be ready to jump up and down with joy over disconnecting the IV tube for good later today but I’m not.  Yet.

The last time the IV was unhooked I started getting symptoms again so that’s making me feel a little tentative about the whole ordeal actually being over.  I’ve been on this superstrong liquid antibiotic cocktail for about six weeks and even though it’s an inconvenience it’s also a bit of a security blanket.  I know that it’s making me well.  So how will I know if I’m actually cured?  Well, I wait and see, that’s how.  No scan, no test, no doctor appointment until next week.  That’s how Dr. Hernandez and his team have planned it.

I feel good.  If not for my lower than usual stamina, I’d pronounce myself back to normal.  And I’m working on the stamina thing, getting out of my PJs and doing a little more every day.  This weekend Derek’s second bike show goes in KW and I’ll be there at times, with a motel room nearby for respites when they’re needed.  I’m planning to get back to work soon – 2 months after I last turned on a microphone.  Mild temps this week are getting me excited about getting my motorcycle out in the months to come.  Life is good.  Ivy, thanks for all you’ve done but I’m really hoping that this time, when I unhook you, you’ll be out of my life for good.

4 thoughts on “My Last Post on Sepsis (I Hope!)”

  1. Ivy, parting is such sweet sorrow, but its for the best. You’ve become to attached and dependant on each other over these past few months, that its no longer a healthy relationship, so with mixed feelings its time for you to say goodbye!

    Let her go!

  2. Are you unhooking the PICC or removing the tube entirely?

    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend at WOMEX, and if you’re too tired to chat or have a tea, I totally get it.

    1. I’m just unhooking the tube and turning off the pump. The PICC stays in me until I see the doctor. A nurse at the hospital has to take that out. (EW! I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing that!) As far as being tired goes I will pass on an awful lot of things before I pass on seeing you!! Faggetaboutit.

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