Back to Life, Back to Reality

Almost 12 weeks after I last left the airwaves, I’m set to return today!

I can only compare it to the first day of school. I’m feeling excitment and anticipation mixed with bits of dread and nervousness. Sticking my yap in front of a microphone is something I’ve done for more than a quarter century so this break was really just a blip. Still, you get into a groove with your job and I definitely need to get my groove back.

(Yours truly, CKFM/MIX 999 Toronto control room, early ’90’s)

My liver doctor was very clear that I should come back to work part-time for at least the first week. However, there is no such thing as part-time when you host a radio show. My staunchest supporter at 1039 fm (and the one who had to pick up my slack when I was off!) Leigh Robert has suggested that I voice-track (pre-record) my last hour to give me a bit of a break. I’ll do that this week, anyway. I’m feeling good and strong. And I feel it won’t be long before I’m back in fine fighting form. I’m ready coach – put me in!

5 thoughts on “Back to Life, Back to Reality”

  1. Hi Lisa, I’m so happy that you’re feeling better. I was worried about you ’cause you sounded so weak (if you can ‘sound’ through the internet). Good luck returning to work but don’t overdo it.


    1. Thanks Brenda! I WAS pretty weak. But I’m at about 98% now and the other two will come with time!

  2. Noooope, I’m pretty sure that 98 is perfect 😉 Congrats on what I’m sure was a great (but grueling) return to reality today – or whatever the hell radio is – I’ve no doubt London sounded better today for it. xox E xox

  3. Great news! All the best. I am sure you will be great and have your groove back in no time.

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