Will You Remember Me?

Everyone likes to feel special!

As I walked toward the 1039 FM control room yesterday in a jangle of excited nerves and anticipation, I noted that the window to the hallway was almost totally blocked. I was about to say something when I opened the door and saw the reason – a giant card for me had been taped there!

Someone…and it’s not difficult to guess who…went to some trouble to gather signatures, blow up balloons, hang streamers and even put a colourful lei on the microphone!

It was a bright and beautiful way to be welcomed back! I got lots of hugs and everybody took it easy on me. It’s still a bit unreal. I was really away for 12 weeks??? But it was easy to get back into it and I didn’t feel worn out until well after I got home. At 3:30 I dropped like a cut tree and slept for a solid hour! Victory!! It’s good to be living a what-passes-for-normal life again.

2 thoughts on “Will You Remember Me?”

  1. Working at a job you love with good people is something that so many people take for granted. I’m so happy for you… wish I was there to give you a hug too!

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