Coffee Addiction is in the Genes

Results are out from a 17-year, almost-50-thousand person study on caffeine consumption. Researchers say that some coffee guzzlers may be genetically predisposed to lining up at Tims several times a day.

I try to limit my coffee intake to 2 or 3 cups max and never after noon. But if you’re finding you need a regular hit throughout the day, this study shows it may be because you share a genetic trait with the highest caffeine consumers in the study. These genes speed up the rate that caffeine is metabolized in the body, requiring you to drink more to get the effect.

I’ve often joked that Tim Hortons put some sort of addictive additive in its coffee to keep us coming back but maybe it’s just in your genes.

7 thoughts on “Coffee Addiction is in the Genes”

  1. These days, I don’t line up, ever since I’ve started buying the Tim Hortons brand of coffee. Now when I need a fix, I simply turn on the coffee maker. Other studies have shown that Canadians are the largest consumers of coffee per capita. We love our coffee!

  2. Hey, does this mean we’re related. 🙂

    I have my 2 cups between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and if I decide to get a 3rd, it’s decaf. But I get XL Timmies, so does that add up to more?

    1. I tend to get a tea which still has caffeine in it but less than coffee. I can’t stomach the decaf from Tims! I’m a bit of a snob that way. haha

  3. I get milk & sweetener, so I can’t taste the difference between their regular coffee & decaf. I find Tim Hortons isn’t completely consistent when it comes to their brews.

    I’m not as sophisticated when it comes to knowing the difference. 😉

    1. Well if you took it straight up you’d definitely notice that the decaf has a watered-down taste. It’s not nearly as pleasant if you like your coffee to give you a kick in the taste buds. In fact, Tims doesn’t give the best kick at all – Starbucks and Second Cup are better. But there’s a Tims roughly every two metres across the country, so it wins!

  4. If you haven’t yet, try a McDonalds coffee. I know, I know! It sounds gross but I find it way better than Timmies and I was a die-hard Timmies guy. Everyone I know that has tried Micky-Dee’s coffee has converted! And as an added bonus if you buy a muffin with your coffee it’s only 15 cents more!

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