That’ll Cost You

Every time I see a certain radio manager asking for free advice on a well-known message board, my blood boils a little bit.

Some people are more than happy to leap on the thread and give him a bunch of opinions. Mostly because they want to look like know-it-alls, they may not be in the business and so they don’t care that they’re giving away for free something that has value. He has solicited input on everything from broadcasting equipment and the sound of his station to sales techniques.

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me to write a script, critique an aircheck or do a voice-over for free, I’d have a large Glad-bag full of coins. I’ve been contacted bybudding rock bands, advertising firms, small business owners and others who think that because they are small, they should be given my (and others’) work for nothing. They see only the value that the work would bring to them, not the value of the work itself. Would they do a gig, write an ad or perform a service for me for free? Of course not. It’s just ridiculous.

Back to the programmer who is soliciting random opinions. By asking the world wide web what he should do with his business, he’s getting an array of possibly wise, possibly not, ideas on how to conduct himself. I pity the people in an organization whose Grand Poobah governs based on the anonymous spews on a message board. A reasonable fee to a proven consultant would solve his problems in an intelligent way. Until then, he gets what he pays for.

2 thoughts on “That’ll Cost You”

  1. Hmmm, not exactly sure if I should take this blog item as a warning or not. I’m guilty of frequently offering free advice, I know, a bad habit, and on occasions asking a favor for some free advice. Given that the latter is rare and the former frequent, I’ve always considered it a trade off, maybe I need to re consider both.

    … can’t see it, I’ll likely always offer an opinion and yes, even ask for the odd favor or free advice.

    1. That’s very different. You are deciding for yourself to offer advice. You’re not hurting anybody’s industry!

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