Flapping at an Opportunity

Gilbert Gottfried’s loss could be my gain!

I made it just under the wire on the weekend to audition via email to become the new voice of the Aflac duck. Now that online auditions have wrapped up, Aflac ad executives will conduct in-person auditions in some US cities. The insurance company expects to announce its new spokes-duck during the third week of April.

Most of Aflac’s business is conducted in Japan but this campaign can’t help but round up some new North American customers. In fact, I wouldn’t even know what Aflac was if I didn’t watch NASCAR and choose Carl Edwards as my favourite driver. Oh sure, there are thousands who think they can do the duck justice but I think I’d make a fine feathered friend for Alfac. You ought to hear me quack!

5 thoughts on “Flapping at an Opportunity”

  1. If you have to fly to the US, will you tell them to “put it on your bill”? Good luck, Lisa. You are the wind beneath ALL of our wings!

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