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Facebook and Twitter aren’t for everyone. A few months ago a friend de-Facebooked himself because he was sick of being treated like a marketing statistic and having to view the targeted ads that appear on the pages. That’s one way to look at it.

Another way is, that’s the price of using a networking tool for free and it’s your responsibility to learn how to change your own privacy settings. Plus, I have control over where my eyeballs rest and I don’t read the ads if I don’t want to.

Last week a Facebook “friend” went on a rant about using the website. He said that if anyone invited him to an event, asked him to play a game or suggested a friend for him, he automatically unfriended them. That’s it, no second chances. Merely ask the question and you’re dead to him! So I immediately hid him! (Hiding is an excellent way to not have to view a person without unfriending them!)

My question is, what the hell is he doing there? I’ve never been an intrusive Facebooker but if someone invites me to play or attend something, I have the option of saying no. It’s the same as having the option of not picking up a ringing telephone or choosing not to answer a knock at my door. Blaming the caller or knocker is an alien concept to me.

Sadly, this guy had a number of supporters who felt as he did. In other words, they want everyone else to behave under their own, special rules and lord help them if they don’t – ostracized! What a confusing way to conduct yourself. Count me out and count him hidden!

2 thoughts on “Twits and Tweets”

  1. Obviously, he’s not aware of the fact he can still keep his friends, but block the applications. You can also set it so that you don’t accept ANY invites from individual people. Besides, who needs someone so sensitive on their f-list? 😉

    My only pet peeve is the Twitter/ FB combo. My Facebook clumps all the Tweets together, so I end up missing some peoples updates, unless I sift through the Twitter group.

    And isn’t the “Hide” option a life saver? I have people who are just a little too post happy about what they ate, who said what to whom, or when they used the bathroom. TMI people!!!!

    1. I use the “hide” feature all the time but I have to admit that I unfriended someone for the first time today. They were posting and talking about cooking a rabbit. I cannot stomach it on
      MY page when I have litter-trained rabbits in the past and know them to be smart and affectionate. There were photos and comments and I can’t risk future infractions! Buh-bye.

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