Going Soft

98.1 Free-FM is in pre-launch ahead of our soft launch which will precede our actual launch! 

Anyone who is surprised that a firm, public start date for the new radio station hasn’t been highly publicized doesn’t know much about radio or what it takes to start a new station from scratch.  Engineers from all over the Blackburn company are on site, working their tails off, doing what it is they do to get the station mechanically ready to go on air.  It’s a lot more than hooking up a microphone and digital music player.  It’s a huge undertaking that begins with a transmitter and ends with the studios, and there are bound to be some hitches along the way.

Meanwhile, I’m getting to know my new colleagues.  The on air hosts are working every day to create the music library for the “Triple A” format.  It’s rocky and bluesy and they’re building it from scratch, too.  Tim Donovan hosts the morning show.  He comes from Vancouver and he has always wanted to live in London and do mornings.  Kate Wright is well-known from Hamilton.  She will host middays and she’s the Music Director.  Program Director Steve Hart hosts afternoons and Meredith Geddes does evenings. 

My boss is News Director Scott Kitching.  If you’re a London radio listener you’ll know Scott from CJBK.  He’ll anchor the afternoon news as well as set the tone and direction for the newscasts, which are meaty!  I’ll do morning news, as I’ve previously mentioned, and Laura Carney is our reporter and weekend anchor.  She will fill in when Scott or I are away. 

Now it’s just up to the engineers.  No pressure, guys!  Meantime, the website is constantly being updated with fresh content and our team want to know what songs you want to hear.  http://981freefm.ca

1 thought on “Going Soft”

  1. I know a couple of the engineers working on your new station (Darrin D. & Dave G.) both smart, funny people. Don’t let Darrin go anywhere near confetti, or it’ll end up in places you never thought to look for years! Also Dave is the king of cheesy horror movies, not to mention Steam games!

    I hope things haven’t been too stressful for both engineers & on-air staff.

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