The Week That Was, June 18

We have a launch date!  Now we know when Free-FM will hit the air.

July 5th.  The Tuesday after the long weekend.  We will be testing with music before then and doing at least one dress rehearsal day where we broadcast in-house as if we are live.  Meanwhile, my news compatriots and I are continuing to work on our video stories for the web.  I was scouting panhandlers yesterday and could only find one, which is unusual.  I’ll go on a search again on Monday.  I joked yesterday to some colleagues that I was well prepared for our launch.  “I’ve already written a half-dozen newscasts, so I’m good to go for the first day!”  Only one of them got it. The others beamed at me with pride!  Heehee.  We’re all a bit anxious and excited.

The Anthony Weiner scandal in the US has been amusing.  The sexting Senator finally resigned, admitting he had become a distraction.  The best headline?  The New York Post wins again for Weiner Yanks Himself, proving that American politics is, indeed, a joke.

I got a few inches cut off my hair.  I thought it would be more sophisticated.  It can be, but it’s also more difficult to control.  When I awoke this morning and looked in the mirror I had a vague sense that I looked like someone famous.  And then it hit me.

I might let it grow just a little bit longer.

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