Finally Free!

By the time this blog goes online, Free-FM will be broadcasting with its full compliment of announcers and programming.

I don’t know where to begin to convey my excitement about this adventure whose only downside, I think, is my new hours. But I’ve done that before and I can do it again. The thrill of working with this team at this time to launch this station is unique in my career.

I don’t want to go into detail but the way in which my new employers rank their priorities is refreshing. I feel valued and respected. Believe me, that’s not the case everywhere you go. But mostly I feel lucky and grateful. So let’s get on with this thing already, shall we? The Mayor will be in attendance for today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony as will loads of invited dignitaries and bold-face names. There’ll be nibblies and festivities and tours and pats on the back. And when the confetti settles and the midday wine stops flowing we will all still be doing what we do and to the best of our abilities. Rock on!

5 thoughts on “Finally Free!”

    1. Our Mayor is going to be in our Pride parade too! First sitting Mayor here to do so and the Police Service will take part too, first time.
      But I digress. It went very well. The energy of the place, the music, the hosts, the support from our owner and managers – it was all
      just a wonderful thing. Now…let’s get on with the job!

  1. Sorry I didn’t see your blog earlier today when I checked, so I am tardy with my congratulatory note……..Cheers to you and the others at Free 98.1 It’s nice to have you back on air again!

    1. Thanks Brenda – I have to work on that remembering-to-blog thing now that I’m back in the early saddle again! Thanks for being patient with me. 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa
    Congrats! You deserve to be in a place where the people are smart enough to realize they hired the BEST!
    Wish I could turn on the radio and hear you ..but since I can’t can I listen online?
    MISS YA!!

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