Pedicure Post-Script

What’s the deal with the toes?

Pedicures are a pain in the…cuticles.

Weeks back I wrote that I thought I had found a place to get my tootsies prettied up. But later, even after I posted the blog, I realized that the salon had had a special on, and for $7 more I could have added a manicure to my treatment. Why it took several hours to sink in, I have no idea. So I looked for another place to take a friend for a recent gabfest/peddy visit.

There, we paid the crazy sum of $65 each. Sure, the surroundings were very nice but my girl was an eye-roller who gave me a bit of a snarky comment on the fact that she was actually expected to do her job. Imagine! (What a BITCH I am!)

Yesterday, my visiting pal Shannon went down the street in Byron and paid $25 for a terrific job. We chose that particular place for her because it was in a straight line from my house and she’s from away. My sister-in-law tells me she gets her feet done for $15 at a tiny place downtown. Maybe I still have a hangover from Toronto prices and I expect to pay double the going rate but I’ve been using the wrong criteria for determining where to go. From now on I’m going with close by and/or tiny. All in the pursuit of pretty toes. Imagine.