Tack Sa Mycket!

That’s “thank you” in Swedish and it’s for Allan who mailed me the new Ikea catalogue!

Ikea’s annual products showcase is a funny thing.  Every year I look forward to it even though I don’t really shop there anymore.  My disappointment at the company’s refusal to open a store in this region is well documented on these pages. For me, Ikea truly is about the experience of enjoying their innovative designs and seeing what they’ve come up with now. I own very few of their things but I do love to browse them.

Ikea catalogue cover

The catalogue and I have this ritual.  I savour it.  I’ll look at a bit at a time and really look at it, not just flip through the pages.  You never know when there will be an idea to borrow from or an item that’s delightfully innovative.   A trip to the nearest store – Burlington – is a bit of a haul so these days, the catalogue takes on even more importance. So there it sits, on page 123, waiting for my next free moment to savour.  Thanks again, Allan.

2 thoughts on “Tack Sa Mycket!”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    guess what, Linda and I are heading to the Vaughan store in an hour. I’ll be thinking of you!!!!lol

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