The End of an Era

Driving out to Poplar Hill, a little burb 5 minutes outside of London, I encountered the final resting place of our storied french-fry trailer.

This is a place where metal goes to die.

White trailer in a field surrounded by discarded tires and rusting barrels

It still has the sign and menu on it from our buyer, Delaware Speedway. They had it open for one night, some kids left a burner on and they arrived the following morning to find it on fire. One night! We worked so hard to clean that thing up and keep it up to code, it was sad to see it end up in scrap heap. From the front it looks just fine but at the back, you can see where the fire broke through the wall. Luckily it didn’t make the nearby, huge propane tank explode.

long view of the trailer back, burned metal is visible

Sorry about the lousy photo but it was raining and I had sandals on and the grass was all smushy and wet!

Once it’s finally taken apart and sold for scrap, it will be the end to a fun little era in our lives. So long, You Want Fries With That. You did us proud while you lasted!

3 thoughts on “The End of an Era”

  1. Yes. Yes I do want fries with that! I still have that colossal tin of gravy from the fry truck days too. Maybe I’ll finally need to open it tonight after the tornado hits! Fingers crossed!!

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