Lipstick on a Pig, Again

I have nothing against McDonald’s. There’s nothing wrong with fast food being available to the masses whom I’d like to think are smart enough to know it’s not meant to be a steady diet. Of course we all know that many are not that smart. But I digress.

McDonald’s Corp is spending $1 billion to renovate half of its 1400 Canadian restaurants before the end of the year. The rest will be done early in 2012. Out go the plastic chairs and tables and in come fireplaces, a neutral palette and tile and stone accents. U.S. McDonald’s restaurants are already undergoing the overhaul and the company says the ones in Toronto and Montreal that have been redone are seeing a jump in business.

I’ve never been a fan of their food or fast food in general. When I did overnight radio ages ago, I lived on Wendy’s taco salads, hold the chips. I now know that’s not always the healthiest option because of the fatty cheese and sour cream. When a rare craving for a burger strikes, it has to be Lick’s or Union Burger or Harvey’s.

Ever since I saw Supersize Me, the 2004 documentary of Morgan Spurlock’s adventure of eating nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days, I haven’t put my lips on anything from McD’s except a coffee or yogurt and berries. Spurlock gained weight, developed fat deposits on his liver, watched his cholesterol levels go through the roof and went on a mood rollercoaster. Before the movie came out, McDonald’s reacted to the pre-release buzz by discontinuing the Super Size option for its food. They know, people…they know. Frying is simply not good for you. Neither is so much salt. Once in a while, sure, no big deal. American health guidelines say eating a fast food meal once a month won’t hurt you. But for those who eat it, fast food is probably on the menu more often than that.

Back to the redecorating. I can’t imagine that anyone will mistake a McDonald’s for a higher end coffee and sandwich shop no matter what they put on the walls. They’ve made progress but it seems the thing that needs renovating most of all is still the menu.

3 thoughts on “Lipstick on a Pig, Again”

  1. I have been in one of the redecorated McDonald’s and I have to say that I enjoyed the atmosphere. The fireplace and the quartz finishes are really quite nice. It seems much cleaner and not as ‘sticky’ as before lol. I was there for a morning break, and the coffee & muffin I had were actually much better than the offerings at my usually coffee spot. I was surprised when I talked to others in my family and found that they also choose McDonalds over the other place as well. Competition is a good thing……as for the hamburgers ~ only occasionally have one of those things. I agree with your choices for those 🙂

  2. |Couldn’t agree more, Lisa. Where are they hanging the defibrillators for their regulars? The problem is that like alcohol and cigarettes, fast food – the feelings of pleasure that go to the brain – is addictive. We know a burger is WAY cheaper than a salad, and more’s the pity. I agree with you re: Harvey’s (haven’t tried Lick’s after seeing their fat #s) but I find with the Harvey’s veggie burger, it’s so much about the toppings that you don’t even miss the beef! And THANK YOU for making me hungry! 😉

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