Sick Advertising

There is actually a woman in Edmonton named Sarah Cameron who has the audacity to defend an ad for her hair salon that makes light of beating up a woman.

Ad for Fluid Hair Salon with perfectly coiffed beaten woman on a couch

Cameron is the owner of Fluid Hair Salon and in case you can’t see the detail, the ad above features a woman with a black eye and perfect hair and a pretty dress on, sitting on a couch. Behind her stands a man, the one who presumably gave her the shiner, holding out a diamond necklace as a peace offering. The caption reads, Look good in all you do. So ladies, if you’re getting the crap beaten out of you at home, at least you can go to a swanky salon and get your hair done.

This ad is part of a series of six. In another one, a woman with perfect hair is pulling a body out of the back of a hearse. In another, a homeless woman who looks just smashing, sits on a mattress in an alley. In her statement in response to the outcry, Cameron said, in part, that the ads were meant to spark debate. Debate over whether it’s right to beat up a woman? What kind of debate?

Derek made a good analogy. He said a similarly inappropriate ad would be a photo of a clubbed baby seal with the caption, But it’s going to look very good on you! However there is actually an argument to be made for the seal hunt. What indiginous person will argue in favour of pummeling a female?

In a milder version of inappropriate, JC Penney has decided to recall this sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt reads: I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother does it for me

Is this 1950? Are there still people on the planet that think you can’t be pretty and smart, too?

I watched a rerun of Jamie Foxx’s interview with Oprah about his childhood a while ago and I was horrified to find that a kid born in 1967 had to endure so much overt racism growing up. Even into his teens and 20’s, Jamie was treated poorly and told it was because he was black. I’m loathe to accept that there are still people who behave that way toward people with dark skin and I suppose there are just as many who look down upon women, too. And whether they admit it or not, that’s the root of this kind of message. You’ve heard of the self-loathing Jew? I believe Sarah Cameron is a self-loathing female. There’s no other way to explain it.

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  1. Sadly, the attitudes and beliefs, we the majority in society believe are behind us, continue and are still highly prevalent among many. I’d like to say that although still prevalent these type of attitudes are diminishing, but you need only look at the level of ruthless bulling among teenagers which establishes a framework for these type of attitudes later in life.

  2. This girl needs your ‘penis starter kit” fund that you received, and that I asked to borrow from you.

    I can’t effing believe that skin colour & gender are still an issue or ‘debate’ in 2011. ENOUGH!!! >:(

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