Green With Envy

I love my city. It’s alive with festivals and fun all summer long. It has excellent restaurants and fascinating museums. But when it comes to green bins we are living in the dark ages.

After a two year delay, this week city council finally approved a green bin pilot project. 750 homes will get green bins and use them for a year and then rolling them out city-wide will be considered. Some areas of the province have had wet waste programs for a decade or more. And here is the country’s 11th largest city, just giving it a test run!

Our garbage schedule is also wonky. You have to check a calendar to find out which day it will be picked up. But reports say that might have to change because of the green bins. But it might only change for a year.

Come on, London. It’s embarrassing that we’re so far behind on something we claim to believe is important. A multi-million dollar new recycling facility just opened at the south end of the city. It’s big enough for us to take material from other towns and cities and it’s state-of-the-art. And yet we don’t have green bins. Congratulations to council for finally approving the pilot project but guys and gals, you have to wonder what the heck took you so long?

1 thought on “Green With Envy”

  1. Holy I can’t believe this, but I’m not surprised. It seems to be the small towns that are doing more about recycling then the larger cities, and good grief they put out more garbage! In Port Perry we’ve been doing everything for years, yet I visit people in TO that don’t do much at all. Here we only have garbage pickup every other week, but blue bin and green bin every week. Our days stay the same always so no confusion there. I say get with it London!

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