This Much I Know

If an email or Facebook posting begins with “OMG!” or “You won’t believe…” or “Caught in the act…” or “Kim Kardashian…” it is a virus and should not be clicked. 

You can’t find out who viewed your Facebook profile and you won’t get super-secret access to news footage that hasn’t already been posted on a legitimate news site.  Some people think that just by virtue of them being on the Internet, they will stumble across something that no one else has seen. That’s impossible. 

Health supplements and cleanses are the new religion and it has become acceptable to try to attract recruits.  Whether it’s a smoothie with bran husks and bat spit or a 7-day fast eating only grapefruit rinds and sesame seed juice, it has changed someone’s life and they are just dying for you to try it. I’m not saying they don’t work, I’m just saying everyone who has suggested a regime feels just as strongly about it, and about telling you to do it, no matter what it is. I know they mean well.

We have no control.  Whether you believe that control belongs to a higher power or fate or the Great Gazoo, it’s definitely not mine and it’s not yours. 

doodle of the Great Gazoo
The Great Gazoo by Thieving Joker

Anytime I can remember getting wound up about something it’s because it didn’t match my expectations.  That’s the great cosmic joke – you can’t expect an outcome you can’t control.

Someone will pick up almost anything you put at the curb including a ruined table and a broken air cylinder.  However we did notice a busted office chair and an ancient stereo cabinet on nearby streets have been left to the racoons.  But whatever we put out, gets taken by a passerby, even if it’s out with the garbage.

You really do get what you give.  Kindness and love come back around in multiplications. Patience pays off.  Optimism is rewarded, even if it’s just in the psyche of the optmist.  Besides, looking at the sunny side of life is easier on the nerves.  And Karma is real.

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