Things to Love About London

This city is getting a bad rap lately for a big unemployment rate. Even Statistics Canada has said the rate might be skewed because they only used a very small sampling of workers/non-workers the last time it was calculated. But there it is, over 9-percent, and tweeted and repeated all over the country.

This isn’t exclusive to London but to me it’s a sign of sophistication and proper priorities that London holds a free doggie swim on the last day the pools are open. They’re going to drain and clean them anyway so it’s a nice way to give the pooches a free-for-all. Just look at the joy in this public pool on Sunday.

dozens of dogs swim in a beautiful inground pool while their human friends watch

Even though it has lots of devoted fans, it still seems to me that Delaware Speedway is an unsung hero of the outdoor activity bunch around here. The races are NASCAR sanctioned and kids – especially little boys – totally love it. On the weekend we went for the first time this season as spectators after I worked in the broadcast tower during almost every race day last season. Derek was trackside announcer there for many years and people still recognize him and miss his work.

long view of Delaware Speedway's paved half-mile oval track

It’s not glamourous but it’s also not shabby. There’s a ton of seating and I’m told their burgers, dogs and fries are really good. You can pick up a free program at the base of the race tower and tune into a play-by-play on site. If our friend’s car hadn’t suffered a punctured rad a couple of dozen laps into the feature race it would have been even more fun to watch. But that’s racing.

We love to poke through antique shops. Derek collects Supertest memorabilia and I like to keep my eyes out for unusual stuff. Long ago I picked up a soapstone sculpture at Memory Lane Antiques here on Hyde Park Road. I popped in the other day and the whole place has evolved. It has all new vendors, including one that specializes in the 70’s, as well as some 17th century wood from Oman and other interesting stuff. I don’t usually go with anything in mind but if something strikes my fancy I know enough to get it and not hem and haw. And if it’s a little offbeat, even better.

White vase of a baby's head on a pedestal

There were two of these baby-head vases. I chose the bigger one. They were the same price, $9, which I thought was a little odd but it also made me feel like I got the better deal. The woman at the shop was waxing on about planting baby’s breath or chia seeds in the “darling” vase but I’m using it for spare change. It isn’t “darling” to me – it’s a little bit creepy and definitely unusual!

I can think of about a thousand other reasons to love my city and reasons for exploring it. If you love your city, I’m sure you can too, even if it gets some bad press once in a while.

2 thoughts on “Things to Love About London”

  1. You forgot the best reason of all to love London – YOU are there (to the sadness of those of us in TO who love and miss you so). And that dog pool pic – are they ALL labs? Very cute. My two little sucks wouldn’t get in if you filled it with Milk Bones!

    1. Aw you’re a sweetheart. Yes, they looked like all happy labs! They are such water dogs. I would have loved to have been there to watch the frolicking first hand!

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