It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Yup, Christmas.  There’s no fighting it anymore, the season is here!  

I seem to have a little more than the usual amount of holiday spirit this year.  Which is why I volunteered us for Free-FM’s entry into the St. Thomas Santa Claus parade.

Derek and me wearing Santa hats and grinning

It rained so we rode instead of walking.

And we were followed by Ronald McDonald.  Talk about getting upstaged! But there were plenty of shout-outs for the radio station.  My cheeks still ache from grinning.  Next weekend, it’s the Hyde Park Lions parade here in London.  Ho ho ho!

3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…”

  1. Lucky you! CHFI was in the TO parade but CTV got our call letters mixed up on the screen, and didn’t even MENTION the station as our float passed by. A little company rivalry’s ok, but it was just flat-out petty for one station’s owners to completely snub the ONLY radio station in the parade, just cuz they don’t own us. Boo Grinchy Bell Globe Media, BOO!

    1. That’s just awful. Here in London we are not allowed in the city parade. One media company is allowed in and the rest can go pound reindeer droppings. Seriously. Santa is inclusive. I’m sure he doesn’t know about any of these petty goings-on or he would do something about it!

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