The Lighter Side of the London Rippers!

Not everyone is horrified by the name, alone, of the city’s new baseball team.  

In addition to supposedly being a baseball term, “ripper” is also slang for strippers.   I have heard guys over the years refer to the “rippers” or “peelers”.  So in the strip-club vein, Derek and some of our colleagues created their own version of a classic baseball chant.  Click to play and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of the London Rippers!”

  1. You could imagine my excitement when I thought I had discovered a blog that would regale me with stories of the Forest City’s seedier side. Crap, you were just musing about the soon to be extinct semi-pro b-ball entity that’s taking up space in the JLC.

    ‘Sigh’ Fine, I’ll go to the nudie bar all by myself. See what you have done!

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