The Lighter Side of the London Rippers!

Not everyone is horrified by the name, alone, of the city’s new baseball team.  

In addition to supposedly being a baseball term, “ripper” is also slang for strippers.   I have heard guys over the years refer to the “rippers” or “peelers”.  So in the strip-club vein, Derek and some of our colleagues created their own version of a classic baseball chant.  Click to play and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of the London Rippers!”

  1. You could imagine my excitement when I thought I had discovered a blog that would regale me with stories of the Forest City’s seedier side. Crap, you were just musing about the soon to be extinct semi-pro b-ball entity that’s taking up space in the JLC.

    ‘Sigh’ Fine, I’ll go to the nudie bar all by myself. See what you have done!

    1. haha. They’ll actually be edging out the Majors at Labatt Park! I figure y’all can find rippers on your own. 😉

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