Swollen Glands, Itchy Lips

Derek is one of thousands of men who are taking part in Movember.  

Movember requires men to grow a moustache or a “mo” to raise money for prostate cancer research.  There are a lot of men with awkward looking moustaches scratching and pawing at their faces this month.  Here’s the core of the Movember team Derek is on.   They’re called Swollen Glands, assembled and named by our friend, real estate agent Murray Armstrong, on the left and Murray’s friend Dave in the middle.

Murray Armstrong, some other guy and Derek, all with little moustaches

Derek hasn’t had a moustache since the 1980’s and he hasn’t wanted one! It’s driving him a little crazy sometimes.  It itches and it’s not his best look although it’s not terrible.  The whiskers are bristly and not very pleasant to brush up against.

Side view of Derek's face and his three-quarters grown in moustache

Brother Colin is also in on the act and his wife is about as overjoyed by the dirt on his upper lip as the rest of us are about the lips of our spouses!

Colin, Derek's younger brother, and Derek, showing off their moustaches

But it’s a great cause and the only thing that keeps prostate cancer from getting as much attention as breast cancer is the amount of organization behind the fund-raising campaign.   I’m proud of our brothers in health who have assembled themselves and rallied their upper lips for a worthy reason.  Here is the link if you feel the urge to make a donation to the Swollen Glands: http://bit.ly/rMS0dO .   And maybe next year this household can simply make a donation instead of actually taking part – we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “Swollen Glands, Itchy Lips”

  1. OMG, today Rob got a senior’s discount at Shoppers. We’re SURE it’s the white nose neighbour (not a Kleenex, his mo’). Yep – not even 20% off can take the sting outta that one. You can bet that as soon as we’re up on Dec. 1, that moustache is history!

    1. Derek has to wait until a special mo removal ceremony with his Swollen Glands brethren on the 2nd!!

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