Win a Million, Lose a Friend?

I did something this week that I’ve never done before.  

I bought bigtime lottery tickets with two other players.   The tickets support the local health foundation and they’re in a pack of 3-for-100 so we each got one and promised, with a pinky swear, to share our winnings equally with each other.

Even though I have no real qualms about trusting the other two I still have this little voice in the back of my head that says, people are funny when it comes to money!

I’m sure it will be fine.  I’m also well aware that it’s highly unlikely that we will win although the odds are “better than ever this time!”

Still, we all know the stories of coworkers who went in on tickets together and one missed a week and their numbers came up so the money is held back while a lawsuit plays out.  Just this morning I read about another group that’s suing the OLG over a multi-million dollar jackpot.  It gets really ugly.  It’s a nightmare!  It has even happened over rolled-up wins on Tim Hortons cups. I really, really don’t want it to happen to me.

Besides an eye-contact-pinky-swear I also made sure we made one coworker aware of our pact.   If we win, I promise to give that coworker…something very nice!

3 thoughts on “Win a Million, Lose a Friend?”

  1. Everybody should sign the back of the ticket, in case the ticket goes missing.

  2. Ah, what a wonderful pickle in which to find oneself, Miss Lisa. I hope when you win, we’ll share another little shopping jaunt in wonderful London town! Boots, boots, boots!

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