Month: December 2012

2012: The Year in Review

By far, the best thing we did this year was to adopt Spice.  After so much hemming and hawing and hesitation we acted at the right time and got the right cat. We got our cat and he’s a little love of our lives. 

App Update

When I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a weight-loss app that was working for me, I heard from several people who were either going to give it a try or were already using it.  

Blissful Holiday

It goes so quickly doesn’t it?  The trick is to enjoy it while you’re in it and on that count, it was a wonderful Christmas!  

NRA = No Rational Attitude

I talked to a local gun expert on Thursday. The interview was the “pro gun” part of our show, The Big Picture, as we looked at both sides of the gun control issue this week in the wake of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  

Tales Out of School

Hundreds of broadcasters have said they’ll write books about behind-the-scenes of radio. Very few have followed through.  I think it’s time. 

Who We Are, What We Do, How to Speak to Us

Today I’m presenting a media training session at Mission Services here in London.  They’ve asked me to come and talk to them about how to talk to the media.  We are a necessary evil to organizations and it helps everyone on both sides if we know what we’re dealing with.  

Santa’s Selfless Helpers

This happened on Saturday and it was going to be my Saturday blog post until the tragedy in Connecticut shook everything up.    

Incomprehensible Tragedy

We ask all of the usual questions in the wake of yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut school: Why did this happen? How can it possibly have happened again? Why would anyone execute innocent children – or anybody at all? And when will Americans finally realize that the right to bear arms is at the …

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The Battle of the Shopping Sexes

I don’t understand something about men. Yes, I’m generalizing. There are some men who love to shop but I haven’t met those men yet.  So the men I’m talking about are the ones who hate it and love to hate it more than ever at this time of year.  

Finally: The Key

To weight loss, that is. I have been struggling with about 20 extra pounds for the past few years.  I’ve lost 5 or 6 only to put on 8 or 9 and just couldn’t get control of the darn thing. Until my pal Jenn introduced me to My Fitness Pal.  

Say It Isn’t So Dave: Yuuuuuuuuup!

Storage Wars is rigged? Great finds are planted inside the storage lockers for certain cast members to pretend to find?  So says Dave Hester, the master of the yuuuup, who is suing the company behind the hit show because he says he was fired after complaining about the deception. 

Brandt’s Randts

We’ve started a new weekly (or so) feature on The Big Show called Brandt’s Randt.   Basically I spout off a bit about something that’s bothering me.  It’s about entertainment, pure and simple. It’s meant for listeners to identify with and sometimes take issue with – I’ve had all sorts of reactions but as long …

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Pranks and Pranksters

There has been plenty of discussion among broadcasters since a nurse in England killed herself on Friday. If you missed the story, she was the nurse who accepted a call from a prankster radio host in Australia and, believing the caller was the Queen, put her through to another nurse who gave the caller details …

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