Finally: The Key

To weight loss, that is. I have been struggling with about 20 extra pounds for the past few years.  I’ve lost 5 or 6 only to put on 8 or 9 and just couldn’t get control of the darn thing. Until my pal Jenn introduced me to My Fitness Pal.  

It’s an iPhone app and I don’t put a thing past my lips until I consult it.  It counts calories and that’s how I have, so far, lost 8 lbs and continue to stay on track.  Calories in, calories out, pure and simple. And nothing is “free”.  Some diets let you eat fruit and vegetables without counting them but I’m counting everything!  The beauty of the app is that my phone is always with me.  My Fitness Pal is loaded with every kind of restaurant meal you can imagine, too, as well as having a bar code reader.  I can put it up to the code on an item in the grocery store and it will tell me how many calories per serving the item has. Hard numbers don’t lie.

Am I satisfied with the amount I’m eating? No way! At a very reasonable 1200 calories a day I’m hungry most of the time.  Is that okay? Yes! Because I’m losing weight.  Will I be able to maintain?  If I can stick to the plan I’m on now, and I have been for almost a month, maintenance should be a breeze because I’ll be able to eat more.

This time is different.  My previous attempts were shattered by merely the appearance of high-calorie treats.  But I’m sick of feeling like jeans are no longer my friend and that I’m too tired/lazy/careless to be in better condition.  The hard numbers are shocking me back to reality.  Chocolate-covered almonds are not a meal substitute and gummy bears are not a fruit!

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  1. I’ve been on it since the beginning of November and even with a listener trip in there, I have managed to lose about 9 lbs. It’s changed my life. And isn’t the bar code reader the absolute BEST? I plan to share this with journal readers in January, but for now, it’s given me the best head start on controlling holiday eating, yet. SO glad you found it, too. And it’s FREE!!!! Keep up the great work. Yay Lisa – Yay!

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