Month: February 2013

DIY Wall Hook Takes Flight

Poking through the junk and treasures of a nostalgia show in Woodstock, I happened upon some trophy tops. They were weighty, brass airplane-themed toppers selling for five bucks each. 

Slavery Over in All States Now

It’s a surprising story, really.  A doctor who calls Mississippi home was inspired after seeing the movie Lincoln to research when each US state officially abolished slavery.  He found that his home state still hadn’t done it.

This is Me

I used to lose track of pens. Now I lose my glasses.  I have 6 or 8 readers floating around here somewhere but there never seems to be a pair in the room I’m in. I realize I’m not alone – forgetfulness is rampant! So I hope you get a giggle from this. 

The Insurance Man Cometh

Just an update on my collision last Thursday.  Because the other driver is being a dickwad (at last check, anyway) my insurance company is telling me that I may have to accept 50% responsibility for a collision that was 0% my fault. I will not do that. 

Vehicle for Sale

Going cheap: 2005 Xtrail. Deep green with tan leather interior. Dependable. Always starts in the dead of winter.  Roomy. Low maintenance. Comfortable. Heated seats.  All of the electric bells and whistles work. Clean. The only thing wrong is it’s CURSED!  

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