Month: March 2013

Warhol was Wrong

Andy Warhol said, in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.  But fame isn’t fleeting according to a new study.  

Breaking Breaking Bad

A guy with a long rap sheet broke into Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s car this week and stole a bunch of stuff including pages from the script for an upcoming episode.

What Bill Said

As the London Food Bank (and Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank) launches its spring food drive, with a greater need than ever, it reminds me that our world has its priorities all wrong. 

Laminate Me

My little penny floor drew a lot of interest and attention but the big project in our home has been the laminate floor Derek laid in the living room. I knew very little about laminate flooring except that you get what you pay for.   So we decided to go big or go home with …

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Fast Fat Facts

We’re a fat nation on a fat planet.  Well, the first world countries are fat while the third world countries starve. That’s an atrocity but a different discussion. 

Border Jumpers

Last weekend on one of my infrequent trips to Port Huron I once again purchased only items not allowed to cross the border into the Great White North.  

Bewildered and Bereaved

This is not an easy post to write or a simple story to tell.  Derek’s cousin’s teenage son has died, apparently from a self-inflicted shot with his Dad’s shotgun.  Charlie was 16. 

Skaters Descend on Our City

London has been invaded by the world’s best skaters!  Our city is hosting the World Figure Skating Championships this week. 

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