Month: September 2013

The Short Memory Society

Who won and who lost at the Emmy Awards has become secondary to the pomp, circumstance and pop-culture phenomena that arise from the program. 

Property Pilferers

** update – the Freeman on the Land member has been taken into custody on a 2010 arrest warrant. Officers went into the duplex around 2 am and arrested him.  The ordeal appears to be over!   My original blog post appears below. 


Every morning the three of us who make up The Big Show on Free-FM host a Tailgate Party.  

Amusing Diversion

Between the murderous rampage in DC and the deadly bus/train collision in Ottawa, it’s been a hard week to be a caring human being. So this is a little diversion from all that. 

Cheese Makes the World Go Round

I think this creator of this bistro sign and I are kindred spirits. A day isn’t complete if it doesn’t include cheese.  And here it’s said  the way Annie Lennox might have sung it if she also felt as strongly about cheese. 

All Music is not Equal

It happened again last week. All through my career I’ve been approached by people who have lost a loved one and they’re upset because the radio station I work for won’t play the tribute song recorded by their cousin/friend/uncle/random stranger. 

Turning Decor Into Child’s Play – House Proud, Sun Media

Now that it’s impossible to escape the back-to-school hubbub that reminds us another too-short summer is coming to a close, we may as well accept it. So join me as I present Swedish for Canadians, just in time for the arrival of the annual Ikea catalogue.

Fraudsters Unite

I really have nothing new or original to add to the dialogue on this, the 12th anniversary of 9/11.  I’ve told my “where I was” stories before and I think we’re all a little gobsmacked that it’s already been a dozen years since that day.

Festival of Bacon

This is a story that appears to end well but actually ends with a thud. Stay with me and you’ll see what I mean.