Paintbrush Projects

I get these little ideas in my little head and they become mild obsessions until I bring them to fruition.  

Derek found this out one day when I spray painted a pine corner shelf gloss black.  He had built it years ago and to my eyes it just looked dated and out of place so I took a can of Krylon to it.  After he got over the shock, he agreed it looked much better and it’s been in use ever since.

When I left CKNX in Wingham after four years of employment the staff chipped in and they gave me a beautiful pine mirror.  Over the years the soft wood got scuffed and it was looking tired.  Well, a little French vanilla paint perked it up quite nicely.

I got that same idea about a windowed cabinet in our living room. It was a gift to Derek from a friend and I asked if he minded if I played with it a bit. He did not! I’ve always wanted to try this trend of putting a striking colour in the back of a shelf or a cupboard so that’s what I did. Last Sunday, London’s “snow day”, was the perfect time to do it.

Because I planned to use red, I bought a tinted primer.  Red paint over white primer is just an excuse to sell more paint.

A small can of primer sits on a wooden shelf. Behind the shelf has been primed with deep grey. The lower shelf wall hasn't been done yet.

The primer went on smoothly and covered well.

Next came the red. It only needed two solid coats.

the middle shelf now with candlesticks and vases on it and a red background

I like it very much but as it turns out, it’s a pretty subtle effect in the landscape of the room. There is an interior light in the old cabinet but it doesn’t work right now. I plan to get my best in-house electrician on that over the winter.  Now I’m thinking about  – just thinking about – doing this effect inside all of my kitchen cupboards!! Do I know how to have fun or what?

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  1. Well, I’m not exactly sure what I’d do if I had a wife like you? Well, at least I couldn’t see her mistakes! Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hear about them until they’ve been rectified.

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