Spouse in the House

I’m not saying I’m happy that hubby is temporarily jobless but, boy oh boy, he’s getting a lot done around the house! 

Take a man who’s used to being extremely busy, give him chunks of free time and what do you get? A lot! Previously having neither time or energy to do a bunch of physically demanding jobs frustrated him so his anti-boredom strategy is to get those tasks done. His accomplishments so far include, but are not limited to, setting up a cupboard/shelving system in his workshop, completing a bunch of put-off errands and perhaps the most obvious is finishing the flooring directly below the stairs into the basement.

long view of black-and-white tile flooring with drum set, pinball machine, old radio and Supertest gas pump in the background

And I mean finished. Little pieces have been cut to make it fit snugly in all directions against the walls. It now goes all the way from the men’s room to the laundry room. He even made a few fancy cuts at the bottom of the stairs. It meant removing a few remaining remnants of ancient carpet and underpad that had turned to dust. It was a difficult job but I came home one day and voila, there it was! And everything is clean! What a delightful surprise.

I know I’m only going to have him around for a short while with time to do these less pleasant tasks so I’m thinking about making a list. He hasn’t asked for more to do. But if he finds himself with time on his hands, and the list is right there, well… Maybe I’ll write it in toast. With bacon. That will be sure to get his attention.

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  1. Don’t push your luck. He’s in a zone, and as long as he’s in this zone many unfinished or pending projects will get done at a lightening fast pace, so leave well enough alone.

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