Cops Gone Wild

It seems to happen every other day. Someone posts a video of a police officer losing his mind and doing something racist or way over the top for the situation he’s in.

I wouldn’t be a cop for any amount of money. One night I did a ride-along with a Hamilton police officer and I nearly peed myself out of fear a dozen times, and we were just watching crack whores and checking out a disturbance call at a school in the pitch dark.

A man in blue in Texas last week was put in administrative leave after he and his colleagues arrived at a pool party and he pulled out a gun and roughly handed a 14-year-old girl. He turned her on her stomach and sat on her as she sobbed, “Call my Mama!” You can hear her crying throughout the ordeal. She was wearing a bikini and clearly unarmed. Officers were called because some of the teens didn’t have permission to be at the public pool and they refused to leave. There was a scrap in the street and that led to the 911 call. The cop is white and every kid told to lay on the ground was black or hispanic. You can see the fear in their eyes and it’s heartbreaking. A couple of the tougher kids try to reason with the cop as he sits on the girl, but he won’t compromise. I’ve seen several videos of the incident of varying lengths. The girl didn’t spit on the cop or do anything but do what kids do – try to keep having fun. (Video HERE.)

This officer totally lost his cool. He must have felt the situation was chaoitic but he was so over the top, he ought to have his badge taken away. You’d think that with everybody and their kindergartner having a camera these days, he’d be aware enough to rein it in. But he couldn’t and that’s the scary part.

It’s happening way too often. If so many police forces are systemically racist, then maybe a mass purge is needed. Or at the very least, sensitivity training. They need to learn the difference between a thug pointing a guy and a tiny girl in a bikini who wants to stay at a pool party where she’s having fun.

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