Have you heard of Resting Bitch Face?

Resting Bitch Face is when a woman is just being herself, perhaps walking down a hallway or shopping in a store, and she appears to some others to be either angry, frustrated or sad. She’s not, though. She’s just, well, being.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve been told to smile, or to stop looking so serious. This made me wonder why people seemed to think I was unhappy when I wasn’t. Now it has a name. Resting Bitch Face.

We women afflicted with RBF acknowledge it and ask only that the world attempt to understand us. Either that, or risk a throat punch when you say, “Smile!” This article went viral among the RBF community. It offers accurate details about our condition: 13 Struggles Only Women with Resting A Bitch Face Understand.

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