Just Do It

My favourite motivational video is actually part of a student project actor Shia LeBeouf recently made. I’ve only seen this minute-long, insanely intense call to arms for following one’s dreams.

LeBeouf had this taped in front of a green screen because it was a scripted piece designed to introduce artwork for Central Saint Martins Arts college in London, England. Thanks to that green screen, people with too much time on their hands made parody videos that show LeBeouf in footage from Star Wars, the Avengers, and even in front of an audience at a TED conference.

The original is best, though. Isolated from the rest of the footage, LeBeouf looks marginally insane. It’s fitting, because this is the star of Transformers who did some pretty weird stuff. He got caught plagiarizing several writers and then stayed in an art gallery for five straight days as a live exhibit titled I Am Sorry. He wore a paper bag on his head.Then he strapped a GoPro camera to his forehead and sat silently staring at those who came in to stare at him.

His strangeness makes this video even funnier. But despite all of that, the message is a good one. Just do it. Do it!

3 thoughts on “Just Do It”

  1. Unfortunately, sometimes others can stand in your way of success if they have the ultimate power of decision.

    1. I don’t know about that. Lots of people face huge obstacles and find ways around them. I don’t think anyone else can squash your dream, unless you’re on American Idol and you really can’t sing.

  2. I’ve encountered it each and every day. It’s easy to focus solely on the bright side which shows up in the media, but the 1.8 million disabled Ontarians who can’t get the government to enforce the laws they inacted, or being in a job interview and as soon as you sit down you know you won’t get the job because the person on the other side of the table is so fearful because of your disability. You see, I can easily walk in your shoes, you can’t walk in mine.

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