The New McCarthyism

Melissa McCarthy is putting out a line of clothing in August and because of who she is and what she stands for, it might be worth looking for.

McCarthy is fearless as a performer and it looks as if her new venture has her signature all over it. She tells People, ““I started this line because I wanted to know: Where are the normal clothes? This really is a selfish venture. I wanted to build a better closet for myself.”

Melissa McCarthy on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

McCarthy has been an unapologetic zaftig actress for many years and recently lost a significant amount of weight. She told Howard Stern last week that it’s easier to keep up with her kids now and that she didn’t use some diet-of-the-moment to take the weight off. She did it slowly and sensibly and for the right reasons.

The clothing collection, in sizes 4-28, will include tops and dresses and “jeans that go all the way up because I just do not need to see anyone’s muffin top, and I do not need to see anyone bend over and be able to tell what color underwear they’re wearing anymore.”

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 will be sold in some department stores and, lucky for Canadians, also online. I hope it’s reasonably priced. I hope it’s as wonderful as the woman herself.

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