Month: July 2015

No Longer Free

Today is my last day at Free 981. I’m moving on to another radio adventure in London that I’m not at liberty to reveal yet. My colleagues and managers have known I’m going for a few weeks but out of respect for them, I chose not to say anything about it publicly until today. 

Time Passages

My number one pet peeve, over even the misuse of the apostrophe and coworkers putting delicate glasses on the bottom rack of the work dishwasher, is the way merchants conspire to rush time. 

Correcting A Shameful Situation

Finally, someone’s doing something about the shameful situation in Shoal Lake where a First Nations community has had to bring in its water for 17 years, and the federal government refuses to kick in to give them clean water. 

Your Monday Meditation

The following video is definitely not safe for work. It’s not politically correct and it contains some really colorful language. But perhaps, like me, it will make you laugh your fool head off! Thank you Jean for sending it to me. 

Love Wins

I can only imagine how frustrated some backwards Americans are these days. And that thought makes me grin with glee.

This Gal’s Got to Rant

If there was any doubt, and there was among some people, that Bill Cosby was a rapist who drugged his victims, the news yesterday that he admitted so himself ought to have put that to rest. 

Way to Go, Jo

To most of us, she is JK Rowling, insanely successful author of the Harry Potter book series. The woman who made it cool for kids to be bookworms. Her friends call her Jo. 

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