Month: October 2015

Sorry, Alex

This may seem weird. It feels weird. It feels even weirder to admit it. But I prefer texting over the telephone. Talking to my Mom and Dad is the only exception.

The Value of Work

When you run your own small business, you’re sometimes asked to work for free. Musicians say it happens to them all the time. I’m not sure if it’s as much of a problem if you’re in the trades. I don’t see how someone can possibly think you’ll replace a toilet or wiring or put up drywall …

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Smarty Pants

A study claims first-born children are smarter than their younger siblings. According to the research, in a family of ten children, the first one would be smart and by the time you get to number ten, they’re basically a turnip.

Listener Engagement

It’s a buzz-phrase in broadcasting. “Listener engagement” is where it’s at! Everyone wants listeners to respond and become involved in what’s going on, on air and in the community. Well, in news/talk radio we have it like crazy. They call, text, tweet and email. And it’s not always sweetness and light! But I think it’s …

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Lack of Trust

When I read the story last weekend that TD Canada Trust was letting hundreds of people go to reduce costs, I saw red.

Racial Profiling

When I edit bits of audio, from the Prime Minister to a person on the street, I wonder how often a listener considers what’s left out of a sound-bite. As a journalist, they are supposed to be able to trust me to keep things in context, and I do. Unlike the major political parties who …

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Jose Bautista for Prime Minister

The radio station I work for, News/Talk 1290 CJBK, is breaking with tradition tonight. Instead of presenting wall-to-wall election coverage, like we’re expected to do, we’re going to air the Blue Jays/Royals game. 

One for Mom

For her birthday, my brother gave our Mom a flat-screen TV. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with her old TV stand and the size of stand she wanted wasn’t easily found unless you had an unlimited budget. Derek said, no worries Ma, we’ll make you one! 

Kitty the kitty

Spice, the 14-year-old wondercat, has been restless. When he was surrendered for adoption, he was part of a pair. Animal Aide in St. Thomas apparently tried to adopt them together but no one wanted two senior cats. They were both 11 at the time. So Chloe was adopted separately and we came to learn about Spice …

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Since I last spoke of my Military Neck issue, my Osteopath Melissa has made great progress in giving me flexibility and taking away pain. It’s two-steps-forward and one-step-back, sometimes, as I’ve had a couple of weeks when my head has constantly felt like 50 lbs. of wet cement in a 5 lb. sack, but recently …

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