Crazy Cat Lady Confirmed

This is how it happens. You get one cat. Then you get another. Then you stop thinking that talking about your cats is boring to other people. Then you buy Christmas stickers in the scrapbook section of Michaels and it’s suddenly out of control!

Spice lying down with Sugar sitting behind him. Spice has a Santa hat and Sugar has antlers. Assorted other Christmas stuff like lights and a stocking surround them.

When they sat like that, as if they were posed, how was I supposed to resist? The stickers, well, they were just a silly whim. The finished product is on our fridge and not going any further. Except by text to my brother so he would groan. And by email to my Mom. And to our friend Eric. And now here. But no further! Meowy Christmas!









1 thought on “Crazy Cat Lady Confirmed”

  1. The cat lady illness creeps up on you so slowly, that before you know it, you have a serious infection. Very few medications have ever been found to successfully treat this illness, and you don’t tend to grow out of it.

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