Boot Corral

My online store, Lisa’s Pieces. is live and slowly building a following. I’m sharing items on Facebook and Twitter and not getting too serious about marketing – yet. For one thing, it’s been too cold to get into the workshop and build up inventory of a couple of things I’m holding back, for now. 

As I said when Lisa’s Pieces launched, I’d really like it to be a hub for local artists and artisans. I have two coming on board later this year (that I know of) and added one a couple of weeks ago. Jeff is a longtime friend and the Van Gogh of welders. With some metal, ingenuity and a truckload of horseshoes, he’s creating these cool boot holders that I call the Boot Corral.

Boot rack with horsehoes holding the boots in place, and three horseshoes on each end to form the stand.

It takes a dozen horseshoes to make a three-boot corral They’re solid, unusual and practical. He can make them longer or shorter, too. Everyone who has seen one in the flesh – or in the shoe – has ordered one.

It’s my hope to spread the word about the work of people like Jeff and help them find a niche market for what they do. Wait until you see what my pal Lianne knits!


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