Five Social Media Tips from an “Expert”

How a company decides which social media expert to follow, is beyond me. Anyone can say they’re an expert on the most effective ways to use Facebook, Twitter, etc., so with about a decade of experience, I’m declaring myself an expert today. And I hope you’ll add your own tips in the comments section. 

  1.  Photos of meals aren’t interesting unless they’re of something unusual, or new, or exceptionally beautifully plated. One guy I know posts his daily, boring, routine lunch. I don’t get it. (Another exception is posting a recipe so you will be able to find it later.)
  2. One-upmanship is off-putting. I’ve done it without meaning to, and I don’t do it anymore. An example: A friend who just underwent major cancer surgery posts, “the nights are so long.”. A reply reads, “Oh I know what you mean. We’re potty training our kid!” No, you don’t know what she means. Just click “like”.
  3. Posts published before the facts are checked were voted the number one irritant in a survey I just made up.
  4. Explosive anger about something or someone just makes the person appear temporarily insane.
  5. Cagey, teasing, ambiguous posts makes the poster appear five years old.

And those are my top five expert tips for social media posts. What are yours?

1 thought on “Five Social Media Tips from an “Expert””

  1. 6. Pictures posted without captions or descriptions, in considerate to viewers.
    7. Not reviewing the post history before asking the same question which has previously been answered earlier.
    8. A social media site which is constantly in flux and changing requiring the visitor to relearn where everything is again.

    … and after my morning coffee, I’ll likely have more.

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