Enough…Please! Posted June 30, 2011

Most of the free world watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, true.

But that doesn’t mean we all want to be alerted every time Kate passes wind. That’s ridiculous of course because Kate has an attendant who passes wind for her.

The wedding was a part of history. The marriage will run whatever course it takes. Magazines and newspapers are making us sick of them before they even arrive for their North American trip.

Some people are outraged that Newsweek digitally aged a photo of Diana and put her in a picture with Kate for its cover. Diana would have turned 50 this year.

Diana at 50 picture from Newsweek cover

It doesn’t bother me, I think, because it’s fantasy.  No one can know for sure what she would look like. They just added some wrinkles and laugh-lines. She might have had work done! Who knows?  It’s just silly. And it brings back the wish that she was still here so we could watch her get older, for real.