If I Could Change the World… – Posted Oct 7, 2009

People would stop calling Lisa Kudrow the most talented cast member on Friends (Yeah, it’s this kind of blog!) because if you recall she tended to nearly crack up during funny scenes, breaking character, while Courteney Cox stayed true to Monica and was the most believable one of the bunch. 

I would shave my head and keep a couple of perfectly coiffed wigs of my hairdo on stand-by to wear each day. Washing and drying long hair is a pain! Unfortunately, just hanging around the house relaxing would mean taking off the wig and no one wants to see my naked head.

In stores, old people who wait until they’ve been given their transaction total to launch a lengthy search for their wallets would be zapped with a cattle prod. Yes, I realize that one day I will probably do the same, but I don’t do it yet, so I have time to get some armour to wear over the most likely cattle prodded zones of my body.

People who don’t return emails, even if only to say “it’s not ready yet” or “I haven’t had time” or “I don’t know”, would automatically acquire a computer virus. No one is too busy to be courteous, in fact, the most powerful people actually TAKE the time to show manners. Anything else is simply rude.

Everyone would lighten up. Take themselves a little less seriously. Not assume a teeny joke is a put down. Allow themselves to make a mistake without beating themselves up. Treat themselves as they would a cherished friend. This is a work in progress goal but a good one, I think.