Missing My Best Buddy – Posted Feb 7 2014

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A friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook.  If you’re on the social media site you know you’ll see similar pre-captioned photos like this every week (memes) on topics ranging from illnesses to political issues.  But this one made me burst into tears. 

close up of a dog's nose and mouth and the caption: First Thing I See Every Morning is a Dog Who Loves MeNot only did this bring back visual memories, it also brought to mind the pleasant smell of faint kibble breath blowing hot into my face.

Lee Roy wasn’t allowed on the bed after about 10 months of age because he had a bit of a confidence problem – too much of it!  We had a brief period where he wouldn’t get off the bed. He thought he was king so we had to reorganize the pack. After training at McCann Professional Dog Trainers we convinced him to stay on the floor.

But there were days when I would spread an afghan on the floor and he and I would nap. He would settle right down and fall asleep during these times and when I stirred to get up, he would roll over and blow that breeze of kibble breath at me, excited that maybe this meant it was dinner or walk time.

Remembering him is as bittersweet and painful as the memory of any person I’ve lost in this life.  He was such an important part of my world for so long and the focus of my “parental” responsibilities. I miss him.

Big, beautiful pure bred Border Collie, standing in the snow, looking at the camera

2 thoughts on “Missing My Best Buddy – Posted Feb 7 2014”

  1. I still think about my first cat, Cher. For years after he was gone, I kept seeing him around my parents’ house. When they go, they leave a hole in your heart that can never be filled again. You can learn to live with the hole, but it never goes away.

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