I’ll Need a Printer Cozy

Now that hubby is a full-time voice talent/furniture-builder, he decided he needed an improved space in which to record voice-work. His desk area is fairly quiet, but if a horn honks or a truck makes a delivery, he has to stop everything and either redo what he’s been working on, or wait out the source of the sound. The solution: a vocal booth. ¬†

This is what his recording studio/desk area/collection of bacon-flavoured and scented items looked like just before it was all torn out.

before shot shows a full L-shaped desk, microphone on an arm over the computer, wall shelf full of stuff

You can buy a prefab vocal booth for several thousand dollars or just build one. And build one he did, constructing it in such a way that it snaps together and apart, for easy removal if we move or want to move it.

framed walls are up, a door is ready to be installed and a tall, thin window can be seen on the far left

Once it was all assembled in the garage, it was brought in piece by piece and assembled inside. Sounds easy, right? ¬†Accurate measurements are only part of the story. The room isn’t perfectly square, but the booth was. It took some effort by three strong men to make it work.

It also took a couple of days to shore everything up, make it tight and finish the inside with acoustic foam and sound-absorbing carpeting. This is how the outside looks as it waits for some moulding to finish it off, and a paint job.

tongue and groove pine finishes the wall and the brown door is installed.

It will be topped with white crown moulding and the door and wall will be painted the same colour as the wall, so it recedes and isn’t obvious.

However, this means a lot less desk room for Derek and nowhere to put our printer/copier. So I’m currently refurbishing a mid-century cabinet that will hide some of his important files and hold the printer, but it will have to be out in the so-called living area of the TV room. There’s no other option. That’s why I need a printer cozy. I’m kidding. I think.

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