Throwback Thursday – Motorcycling in France

Now that spring is here, a young – er, middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to getting out on her motorcycle. Well, this one’s does. 

Eight years and one month ago, we were on a Suzuki Bergman 650 in France. We rented it in Nice, were staying in the village of Cagnes Sur Mer, and rode it into the French Alps. Everywhere you look is something gorgeous. We toured tiny villages and happened upon a cheese-maker named Brandt who made the stinkiest, most foul-tasting cheese imaginable. I politely smiled and nodded as I ate it and the cheese man beamed with pride.

I'm wearing a helmet and have my arm around the sign for the town of Eze, France

Another day, we visited Monte Carlo and the village of Eze, which a friend had described as the most beautiful place on earth. I haven’t been everywhere on earth, but it’s pretty darn lovely, all cliffs and water. The members of U2 all have compounds there.

France is spectacular. It’s warm and it’s beautiful and it’s just so…French. It’s no wonder so many Canadians have invested in property there. If I could, I certainly would, and tour the country relentlessly on two wheels. Mais oui.


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