Month: May 2016

Broadcasting Pet Peeves

I hope you’ll add to this list. Some of these things are a little “inside” but some are recognizable to radio listeners who have no knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. 

A DJ’s Spin

I first met Dick Williams when I was working at 1039 FM here in London. His son, DJ, was the station’s Sales Manager and Dad had dropped by before joining him for lunch. Dick is a broadcasting legend in this city and he’s finally releasing to the public the stories that have entertained his friends for …

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Throwback Thursday – Prime Time Television

It wasn’t the golden age of television, but it’s an age that no longer exists. CKNX-TV in Wingham used to create original programming and host its own newscasts and commercials. It was a “thing”. And when I worked there, from 1986-1990, there were many opportunities to be part of that thing. 

Separation is a Good Thing

When it comes to recyclables! People have told me I’m a fool for sorting my plastics/cans apart from my paper/cardboard because the pick-up guys merely throw it all into the same truck. Not content to just assume, we invited the city’s head of environmental programs to explain on CJBK.

Ticking Away

We spent a little time out in the sticks last weekend in West Lincoln, toward the Niagara Region. We were warned that there were ticks in the fields but when in Rome, one roams. 

Open Letter to Our Neighbours

Hello fine folk, even you, nutty Mason Jar Lady across the road, whose collection of odd front lawn decor grows every year. We have a full crop of dandelions and this year, we’re keeping them. 

(No Title Will Suffice)

Whether you count the day after Mother’s Day, or May 11th as the anniversary, it’s been one year since Lauren Davis Shirakawa didn’t wake up from her sleep.

The Tax Song

When I read about the latest successful telephone scam, I didn’t believe it. When I saw the lips of actual Windsor police officers move to tell the story, I had to admit it was true. These scammers must have a patter that’s awfully effective, or it’s just a matter of numbers before they hit someone …

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