(No Title Will Suffice)

Whether you count the day after Mother’s Day, or May 11th as the anniversary, it’s been one year since Lauren Davis Shirakawa didn’t wake up from her sleep.

She had just celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her husband, Phil, and their baby, Colin. Autopsy, toxicology, testing of all sorts turned up no conclusive reason why such a bright light was extinguished so early. Mother and daughter pose, smiling and radiant, on Lauren's wedding dayAs much as we would like the world to maintain order and logic, it refuses. It reminds us that what we want isn’t as important as what it’s going to give us, so we’d better act – and react – accordingly.

Lauren is part of my consciousness every day. Without words, her absence tells me to accept that invitation to go out past my bedtime. She convinces me to take on that project I’ve never done before, and to do it with confidence. Not to cram every waking hour with activities, but to remind people in my life that they’re important by showing up for them. Her death affected me deeply, partly because I was one of many who enjoyed watching her grow and become a remarkable young woman. Notably because I’ve seen the changes it’s made to her parents. Life without her was unimaginable, and now here they are a year later, coping the best they can.



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  1. Thank you for this, Lisa. Your words mean more than you can know. This 1st Year anniversary has hit us harder than we could have imagined – but then again, it’s all unimaginable. But we go on, and are inspired by your commitment to live in a way that Loo surely would have applauded. You meant a lot to her and inspired her, too. So, thank you. From we three, from “wee” two. xo

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