Throwback Thursday: Vintage Tulip

Pink was all the rage for home decor in the 80s. They called it dusty rose. So were deep grey, Caribbean blue and not wearing socks, if you were Don Johnson on Miami Vice.

Mom made a stylish living room in shades of cream, grey and dusty rose. Overstuffed loveseats endured our jump-flops and delicate lighting withstood frequent ons and offs. Then came the tulip lamp.

pink tulip lamp is about 2 feet tall

Because we’re building lamps and light fixtures at Lisa’s Pieces, Mom bequeathed the lamp to me. We considered cannibalizing it but then Erin convinced me to research it, just in case. Well, wouldn’t you know it. It’s considered a collectible and now sells for between $650-$3000 depending on the colour, base material and condition.

It was made by the Rougier Company of Montreal. They had a furniture line but it appears that it’s their lamps that weathered the years well and increased in value, some now priced as high as $15,000. A white, acrylic tulip lamp this size – about two-feet tall – with a metal base is valued at $3,200. Mom’s not sure what she paid for this one but it’s probably closer to the $650 value. 

tulip lamp lit up

I don’t particularly need or want it as part of my own decor but I also can’t just give it away or tear it apart. It’s such an iconic symbol of its era, like parachute pants and Corey Feldman. And unlike Corey Feldman, I can keep the lamp in the basement for now.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Vintage Tulip”

  1. Jean White

    Wow, that is one funky lamp Lisa. My parents inherited a pair of lamps when they purchased their cottage 25+ years ago. I call them “cocoon” lamps. They are about 2 ft tall and look like cocoons to me. Almost as “different” as yours. Perhaps they are worth a small fortune too? I must look into it!

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