What do you Love?

Whether you love playing darts, quilting, raking leaves or collecting computer parts, you can find like-minded hobbiests on the Internet. Even men who love doing laundry have found each other!  

It’s an actual club that boasts 3,000 members from the US, Russia, Canada and other countries. These middle-age guys get together, mix up a big batch of margaritas, and watch the machines do their work. They watch closely- see for yourself.

They’re not doing any harm, in fact, they’re probably doing a lot of good. You can drop off your laundry at Uncle Rick’s house and pick it up later, all folded and Downy-fresh. My husband could never join this club because a) he doesn’t enjoy doing laundry and b) he is forbidden to do it because of his penchant for hot water washes and high-heat dries for every piece of clothing! I’m sure it’s part of his plan to get out of doing it. *wink*

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