Putting the Con in Conway

Two words uttered by the Counselor to the President on the weekend scared the heck out of me. “Alternative facts”. That’s what people who deny evolution rely on. The Flat-Earth Society. Those who think the missions to the moon were shot on a soundstage in the Nevada desert. Late Democratic Senator Patrick Moynihan said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”  

President Trump will never make a mistake. His ego won’t allow him to admit it. Perhaps they’ll be “alternative successes”.

Dictatorships start with discrediting the media. I don’t know that everyone who voted for Mr. Trump understands that. On Friday, I was torn. Today, I’m frightened.

This is the heart of the exchange in which Kellyanne Conway uttered the now infamous phrase. It was over the number of people who turned out on the National Mall for Trump’s swearing in. Seriously, who gives a shit? But this is the kind of thing that Mr. Ego will dig in his heels on. He has to always have the biggest, the best, and the most and he’s incapable of admitting to anything less. Yes America, you finally have a President who can boast that he appeared in the movie Home Alone 2! Watch Conway lie and then misdirect. This woman has children, people. Four of them. Be afraid.

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  1. She is masterful, I’ll give her that. And that is the only kind thing I will ever say about Ms Conjob, so I’ll stop right there about her. You have every right to be afraid. These are tactics of dictators, not democratically elected leaders. Oh, and did you see today that WH Spokesliar Sean Spicer said he’d never gotten an apology from the reporter who tweeted erroneously about the MLK bust being gone? There is PROOF he got it. He even replied, “Apology accepted.”

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