Torn on Trump

As the 45th President of the US is sworn in today, the oldest first-timer at that, I’m really split on how to feel about it. Part of me wants to take a wait-and-see attitude. After all, there’s a sentiment that says, the electorate never gets it wrong. 

On the other hand….

The complete lack of objectivity among many of his supporters is disturbing. A smart person can support someone while admitting they have faults. But a lack of logic among some of his detractors is just as bad. What the heck is the Mayor of New York City doing by speaking at an anti-Trump rally?

Even Stephen Harper poked his head out of his mole hole to talk about the impact Trump will have on the world, as he reverses decades of US foreign policy. (Read/watch what our former PM said HERE.)

So, I’m maintaining optimism despite a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sound familiar? Meet the new boss. Not at all the same as the old boss. Let’s all fist-bump and wish the rest of the world good luck!

If you’re in the mood for some wonderful journalism about the weight of the Presidency, based on the letters that came in while Obama was in office, settle in and read this excellent piece in the New York Times. It’s exquisite writing and an insight into part of the job that we never really read about: HERE.

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  1. Definition: Trump, bombastic bluster and bull-shit! You can please some of the people some of the time,but most rarely. The recession of 2007/2009 wasn’t a traditional recession limited to a single country or continent but a world wide recession which the majority of the world hasn’t recovered from and as a result recovery this time around is not like any other. The People, politicians and media have been going on and on about how slow this recovery has been, but if you swipe away the smoke you’ll find that North America has been slowly moving towards recovery while Europe is still in the shit house. Trump only sees a symptom and not the problem. So he’ll set out to address the symptom which he thinks is the problem and undermined decades of progress while the problem continues, mainly in Europe.

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